This is the largest of the parks in size (not attractions) with more than 200 hectares where the elements were joined for a spectacular amusement park, zoo and natural environment just as Disney can do.

The park has 7 worlds – sectors with the imposing «Arbol de la Vida» in the Center.

This park has a star-shaped shape attached around Discovery Island where the gigantic tree is.

At the entrance you will find the offices where you can get your maps in Spanish, and if you want to rent carts, boxes and translators.

In 2017, the inauguration of the new extraterrestrial world of

Seleccione cada sector para ver listado completo de atracciones y restaurantes

Espectáculos favoritos, Desfiles y shows de fuegos artificiales

Recuerde verificar horarios ya que varían según temporada, retire en la entrada el mapa y el "Time Guide"

Rivers of light: We are One (Ríos de luz: Somos uno)

Get packed with the glittering show renovated in 2019.

Radiant lanterns, magical fireflies, dancing fountains and animal spirits floating all over the lake.

Before your eyes, a cluster of lanterns changes and takes forms of animal spirits: the tiger, the turtle, the elephant and the owl.

The Show takes place on the Discovery River, the grandstands are on the road that borders Asia with Dinoland

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During evening hours, pay special attention to the Tree of Life in the center of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. At various times, flickering fireflies magically appear and awaken the spirits of wonderful animals carved into the tree trunk, giving light to a surprising visual spectacle with vivid colors and a lively imagery, a celebration  in front of the castle and on Main Street square with multicolored floats, gift boxes and Disney characters inviting you to dance.